YEAR Formula in Excel

If you can recall where you were having a lot of dates and wanted to extract the year of the dates, that creates too much of hassle; right? Do not worry about this now because now there is an Excel’s YEAR Formula which will help you to do this without any hassle.

Year Formula breakdown is written below:


The explanation for the formula:

=YEAR(the date from where you need to extract the year)

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All the steps are explained below:

STEP1. Firstly, you need to enter the Year function in a blank cell of your Excel e.g.


YEAR Formula

STEP2. In second step continue with the Year arguments e.g.


In the place of serial_number you have to select the cell that contains the date:


YEAR Formula

By dragging the lower right corner downwards apply the same formula to the other cells.

YEAR Formula

You now have your result.

YEAR Formula