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How it works?

It will help you to Adds or Subtracts a specified number of workdays to a Date that will give you a Future or Past Date in result.

Workday Formula breakdown:

=WORKDAY(start_date, days, [holidays])

Explanation for this:

=WORKDAY(specified date, number of work days to add/subtract, [holidays to be considered])

It will be difficult to manually calculate; if you want to calculate the future date based on a number of working days added. So here is an easy way for you use Excel’s WORKDAY formula to do this.

Follow these steps to apply Workday formula:

STEP 1: firstly you have to enter the WORKDAY function in a blank cell of your table


How to use Workday Formula in Excel? 1

STEP 2: Now continue with the WORKDAY arguments:


What is the specified date?

For specifying the date selects the cell that contains the date you want to add the number of workdays to e.g.


How to use Workday Formula in Excel? 2


To add work days select the cell that contains the number of work days to be added in other words it means about the number of non-weekend and non-holiday days after the start date e.g.


How to use Workday Formula in Excel? 3
By dragging the lower right corner downwards apply the same formula to the remaining cells.

There you go with the future dates with the work days which are added.