Wingdings is a symbol font that is mainly get used for fun. But what if you use those cool symbols in Excel for a good purpose? 

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I will show you in this tutorial that how easy it is to use a winding symbol in your Excel worksheet by simply picking it.

Step by step guide is given below to know how to use Windings Symbols in Excel:

STEP1: Select Windings Font In Blank Column

Firstly, you need to select the cells in which you want to place the winding symbols.

Windings Symbols in Excel
Now, select Wingdings from the Font dropdown

STEP2: Select Character From Character Map Windows App

Cells are completely ready to accept Wingdings symbols, so now follow this:

Go to Windows Start (Windows 10) > Search Bar > Character Map

Windings Symbols in Excel

Here you can see all the characters

Windings Symbols in Excel
Ensure to select the Font: Wingdings

Now you need to double click on the symbol, you want to use here. After that Click Copy.

STEP3: Paste Your Symbol In Spreadsheet

Windings Symbols in Excel

Now apply the same thing to rest for the other cells, and here you are done with the Wingdings Symbols.

Windings Symbols in Excel

NOTE: You can do this by using another way that is written below.

You will need to click in a blank cell and follow this:

Go to Insert > Symbol > Font: Windings > Insert > Close.