WEEKNUM Formula in Excel

How does it work?

It will get the week number from the date in your excel.

Formula breakdown for WEEKNUM Formula:

=WEEKNUM(serial_number, [return_type])

The explanation for this:

=WEEKNUM(that date wherein the week number you want to retrieve, [the day when that week is going to begin])

If you ever want to retrieve the week number from a given date then WEEKNUM Formula will be helpful for you in excel.

Here are some of the interesting points are written about the WEEKNUM Formula:

The day of the week which is used to start a new week number is specifying the return type parameter. 

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Here for my examples, I am going to use the default one. But you can use number of which is present there:

1 (default) – Sunday

2 – Monday

11 – Monday

12 – Tuesday

13 – Wednesday

14 – Thursday

15 – Friday

16 – Saturday

17 – Sunday

21 – Monday, the difference here is it uses the European week numbering system, week 1 is the week containing the first Thursday of the year as specified in ISO 8601

I explain how you can do this below: 

STEP 1: Firstly you have to enter the WEEKNUM function in a blank cell:



STEP 2: Now continue with the WEEKNUM arguments:


In the place of serial number select the cell which contains the date:



By dragging the lower right corner downwards; apply the same formula to the other cells.


There you go with your result.

How to use the WEEKNUM Formula in Excel? 1