VALUE Formula in Excel

If you want to convert text into their corresponding numeric value, then Value formula will help you to do it easily within some simple steps. You can try it out with different types of data for instance: currency, dates and time.

Value Formula breakdown:



=VALUE(text that needs to be converted into its numeric value)

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Here are the steps which need to follow to apply this formula in your excel:

STEP1. Firstly you need to enter the VALUE function in a blank cell of your excel e.g.


VALUE Formula

STEP2. Now continue with the VALUE arguments e.g.


In the place of text you have to select the cells which contain the text you needed to convert.


VALUE Formula

By dragging the lower right corner downwards, apply this same formula to the rest of cells.

VALUE Formula

Here you can see your result; those texts are now in their numeric values.

VALUE Formula