For this tutorial, I have the following set of data that is given below. Currently, the headers are not meaningful to me because it is written as Column1, Column2, Column3 so I want to eliminate them and replace them with the first row’s text as Name, Country, Sales:

Use First Row as Headers
We have already inserted table, you can also do that by CTRL+T

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STEP1: Open Power Query

If you are using Excel 2016:

Go to Data > From Table (Under Get & Transform)

Remove Columns Using Power Query

Or if you are using Excel 2013 & 2010:

Power Query > Excel Data > From Table

STEP2: Use First Row As Header

After following them you will see a Power Query Editor on your screen.

Here I need to change the Table headers with the first row so for that follow:

Go to Home > Use First Row As Headers

Use First Row as Headers

At last to open a new worksheet in your Excel workbook, Click Close & Load from the Home tab and this will open with the updated table.

Use First Row as Headers

There you go with your table with the new table header!

Use First Row as Headers