UPPER Formula in Excel

Upper Formula breakdown:

The explanation for this formula:
=UPPER(text which needs to be converted into the upper case)

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In excel Upper formula helps to change the text into the upper case easily. Although it will not convert symbols and numbers that we will show you in examples down below. If you ever see an uneven capitalization throughout the text and want that to fix properly then this upper formula is a gem for you. You can follow the steps which are mention below:

STEP1. Firstly you need to enter the UPPER function

In a blank cell of your excel e.g.

UPPER Formula

STEP2. Now continue with the upper arguments e.g.


In the place of text you have to select the cells which contain the text you needed to convert.


UPPER Formula

By dragging the lower right corner downwards, apply this same formula to the rest of the cells.

UPPER Formula

Here you can see your result all that values are converted into upper case.

UPPER Formula