UNIQUE Formula

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Use of this formula: It helps to gets the unique values of a list in Excel.

Unique Formula breakdown:



=UNIQUE(data to have duplicates removed)

If you need to remove duplicate values from your list then let me tell you that it is possible with UNIQUE Formula. It is a new formula which is introduced in Office 365 that has been released in 2018.

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Here I have a list of names that I need to remove the duplicates from it. The UNIQUE Formula will help me to do this very quickly.

Steps are written below to follow:

STEP 1: firstly you have to enter the UNIQUE function in a blank cell of your table e.g.


UNIQUE Formula

STEP 2: now continue with the UNIQUE arguments.


write the data that has to be cleared of duplicate values.

So for this select the cells that contain the usernames but do not include the headers.


UNIQUE Formula

There you go with your result now all duplicate names are gone.

UNIQUE Formula