TYPE Formula

If you want to know how to check the data type of your values then this tutorial is really written for you. The TYPE Formula is actually there in excel to check the type of data of the values.

Purpose of the tutorial: Know the data type from a value

Here is the Formula breakdown written below:


Explanation of formula:

=TYPE(the value which needs to be checked for its data type)

This TYPE- Formula will check for the following data types:

  • 1 – number
  • 2 – text
  • 4 – logical value
  • 16 – error value
  • 64 – array

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Here are all the steps mention below to perform this tutorial:

STEP1. First, you have to enter the TYPE function in a blank excel of your excel e.g.


TYPE Formula

STEP2. Now continue the TYPE arguments to complete the formula e.g.


In the place of value select the cell which contains the value to get the data type from that.


TYPE Formula

Now by dragging the lower right corner downwards continue this formula to ther cells too.

TYPE Formula

You have your values now!