If you are wondering how to flip a horizontal table into a vertical table without any hassle, then the Transpose Formula will help you. However, you have to use this formula as an array formula. This is very easy to let us tell you how to use this formula in this tutorial.

Purpose of this tutorial: You can use this formula to transform a horizontal table into a vertical table or vice-versa.

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Here is the Formula breakdown:


Explanation of this formula:

=TRANSPOSE(that horizontal range of cells that you need to flip into vertical or vice-versa)

Here we are going to perform this in our Excel with step-by-step:

STEP1. First, you have to select your target table with the same number of cells.

For instance, you can see how we have selected a horizontal table with the same number of cells (10 by 3) and when you compared this with the final vertical table it will become 3 by 10. 


Now enter the TRANSPOSE function while making sure that your target table is selected.



STEP2. In the second step continue with the TRANSPOSE arguments e.g.


In the place of array select the cells which contain the data that you need to flip:



STEP3. After typing the TRANSPOSE formula,

make sure to press the CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER so that it can be treated as an array formula.


Now after completing the formula you have your result; you get your vertical table from the horizontal table.