If you have columns that you need to split by an equal number of characters, say ID numbers then it will be helpful for you.

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For this tutorial, I have the following set of data that is given below. Now, I want to split this data by 3 characters so that I will have 3 parts of each serial code. 

Split Column by Number of Characters

Here are the steps given below to follow in your Excel:

STEP1: Insert Table

first you need to convert your data into Excel Table so for that select your data and press the shortcut Ctrl + T or go to Insert > Table. It will easily turn your data into Excel Table.

Split Column by Number of Characters

STEP2: Open Power Query

If you are using Excel 2016:

Go to Data > From Table (Under Get & Transform)

Remove Columns Using Power Query

Or if you are using Excel 2013 & 2010:

Power Query > Excel Data > From Table

STEP3: Split The Columns

After following them you will see a Power Query Editor on your screen. So, now you need to select the column you want to split here. 

After selecting the column follow this:

Go to Home > Split Column > By Number of Characters

Split Column by Number of Characters
Now, for the Number of characters select 3, and Split Repeatedly and then click OK.

At last to open a new worksheet in your Excel workbook, Click Close & Load from the Home tab and this will open with the updated table.

Split Column by Number of Characters

There you go with your separated columns in new table.

Split Column by Number of Characters