SORT Formula

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Purpose of using this formula: To sorts a table based on a column and order specified in Excel.

SORT Formula breakdown:

=SORT(array, [sort_index], [sort_order])

The explanation for the formula breakdown:

=SORT(the data to be which need to be sorted, [which column to be used for sorting], [ascending or descending order])

If you don’t know that with an Excel Formula you can now sort your table data then in this tutorial you will get to know this. Of course, it is possible now with Excel’s SORT Formula. It is a new formula and it was introduced in Office 365 released in 2018.

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Follow steps which are mention below:

STEP1. Firstly you have to enter the SORT function in a blank cell of your table. e.g.…


SORT Formula

STEP2. Now continue with the SORT arguments:


In the place of array, you have to write the data that you need to sort. So for this select the cells those contain the tax data, but do not include the headers:


SORT Formula

What is the column to be used for sorting?


In the place of sort_index, you need to mention the column that needs to be sorted. For this, I’m going to specify the column number. I will place in 2 because the tax Slabs column is the second column. 

=SORT( A2: B6, 2

SORT Formula


In the place of sort_order mention the 1 for Ascending and -1 for Descending order. For this I will place in -1 because I want descending order.

=SORT(A2:B6, 2, -1)

SORT Formula

Here is your result;

SORT Formula