SMALL Formula in Excel

If you are thinking about to learn what small formula is in excel, then this tutorial will help you in this.

You must be wondering what does it actually do in excel, am I right?

Here is your answer; with the help of small formula, you can find the ‘nth’ smallest value from a range of value cells. 

The SMALL formula breakdown: 

=SMALL(array, k)

In this formula, array means the range of values and k means the position of the smallest value.

Here I am explaining the process with step-by-step to find the nth smallest value from a range of values.

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STEP 1: First you need to enter the SMALL function in a blank cell



STEP 2: Now continue the formula with the SMALL argument


Select those ranges of cells that contain your values e.g.



Write the nth smallest value you want to achieve in last e.g.


For example I have chosen to find 2nd Smallest Value to show you.

Here is the result of 2nd smallest value;

SMALL Formula