Recommended Pivot Tables in Excel

If you are wondering how it is possible to automatically generate pivot tables in excel then in this tutorial I am going to tell you everything about this with step by step. There is an option of Recommended Pivot Tables in Excel which can be used for this purpose. This feature is newly introduced in Excel 2013.

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Herewith very simple steps I will show how you can do this:

STEP1. Firstly select your data and;

Go to Insert > Tables > Recommended Pivot Tables

Recommended Pivot Tables

STEP2.  Now you have generated your Pivot Table recommendations so, now select the sum of cash by gender and then click OK.

Recommended Pivot Tables

STEP3. Now you have a sheet of generated Pivot Table so make some changes in it. Select Value Field Settings by clicking first name option.

Recommended Pivot Tables

As you can see, You can drop down to see the list of females and males.

You can also add other options like ;

  1. Last name
  2. Email Address
  3. IP Adress

If you have selected all above, your pivot table will look like;

Recommended Pivot Tables