You will also be facing issue while printing your Excel worksheet for a report. Like you will need to trim down the data and do changes like hiding the columns. Just to fit it into one page. It is so time-consuming and boring too because after printing it out you will need to undo the layout changes one by one.

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Don’t worry in this tutorial I have mentioned the Excel’s Custom Views. It will help you to revert and save your layout changes within a single click.

STEP1: Adding Normal View

irstly, you must set a default view.

Once you get the default layout that you prefer for most of the cases, you will need to go to View > Custom Views:

Quick reports in Excel

Now, click on the Add to create a new Custom View option.

Quick reports in Excel
Then complete it by typing in Normal View.
After that click OK.

STEP2: Adding New Hidden View

Now you will need to prepare the second Custom View. So, for that you must select the first 4 columns. After that just right click and select Hide option.

Quick reports in Excel

Now follow this: 

Go to View> Custom Views:

Quick reports in Excel
After that, again click Add to create a new Custom View option.
Then type in Hidden Columns and at last click OK

Now you can try both views in action

Quick reports in Excel
There you can see that the columns are hidden right away within a single click. Now you will be able to customize multiple layouts and saved them in a Custom View.