OR Formula in Excel

This is a logical function. It helps to check multiple conditions at a time. In result, you will get TRUE or FALSE.

Here is the formula breakdown for this:
=OR(logic1, [logic2], [logic3], …)

What does it mean?
=OR(first condition, [additional conditions], …)

Many time it happens when we have a couple of conditions and we want them to check so that we can ensure at least if any one of them is right or not. So here is the OR formula which is very useful in such conditions.

Excel enforces this condition and will show you in results TRUE if any of your condition is fit with the required conditions.

For instance; we want to check if the date is in the month of January OR the sales amount is greater than $1000.

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NOTE: You can create random excel workbook online here for practice purposes as I did in this tutorial.

Here I am mentioning procedure with step by step.

STEP 1: you should enter the OR formula in a blank cell.



STEP2: continue with OR arguments;


FIRST CONDITION: we should create the condition so that we can get the month of the date and check if it is December or not:




SECOND CONDITION: now we should create the condition to check that sales is greater than 1000 or not:


As you can result is “TRUE”

By dragging the lower right corner downwards, apply this same formula to the other cells too.


Here you go with your results. 

OR Formula