If you also work with spread-sheets and lot of ranges again and again to create different calculations then you can understand that how hectic it becomes.

But now I have found a solution for this; Named Ranges in Excel because with the help of Named Ranges formulas become so much easier to maintain and understand too. 

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With the help of Named Range you can name a cell range, function, constant, or table.

I will use the following table given below for this tutorial.  In this table firstly I want to populate the INR  and secondly the Sum of the USD columns:

Follow these steps to know how to do this in your Excel:

STEP 1: firstly you need to create your first Named Range by highlighting the USD Amounts and typing a name in the Name BoxAmounts

Named Range
Make sure to not put any space and finally Press the Enter button.

Now complete it by doing this same to your INR by highlighting the exchange rate and typing a name in the Name Box:USDRate

Named Range
Finally Press the Enter button.

STEP 2: In second step I’m going to see the Named Ranges in action.

Now type in: =A2*USDRate ; to calculate the INR Totalcolumn.This is going to use your USDRate Named Range like this:

Named Range

To get the calculated amounts apply this same formula to other remaining cells by dragging the corner.

Named Range

STEP 3: here in final step type in following to calculate the sum of the Sum of USDcolumn: =SUM(Amounts).

Now our Amounts Named Range will be used:

Named Range
Here you get your total

STEP 4:  to check all the created Named Ranges follow this Go to Formulas > Defined Names > Name Manager

Named Range

Now if you want to edit your Named Ranges or delete them you can do it easily.

Named Range