Do you want to move your Excel Pivot Table when it’s ready because it’s not in the best location, but do you know how do you move this onto another section of your Excel worksheet?

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Well, I can tell you that it is very easy to Move Excel PivotTable.

For example, I’m showing you this by moving my Excel Pivot Table downwards!

Move an Excel Pivot Table

STEP1: Select Your Pivot Table

Ensure that you have selected your Pivot Table and then follow this:

Go to Pivot Table Analyze > Actions > Move PivotTable

Move an Excel Pivot Table

STEP2: Move Your Pivot Table

Now select the new location to move the Excel Pivot Table there. 

Even if you want you can move this Pivot Table to a New Worksheet or Existing Worksheet.

Here to show you I have selected cell A10-B13 and click OK.

Move an Excel Pivot Table