If you need to divide two numbers then it is very easy to do in Excel but what if you need to get the remainder from a division operation in Excel?

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Thanks to Excel’s MOD formula it will give you the remainder after dividing one number with another.

Here is the MOD Formula breakdown:

=MOD(number1, number2)

Explanation for this:

=MOD(a number, divided by this number)

Below are the steps given to know how to apply MOD formula in your Excel:

Working With MOD Function

Firstly, you will need to enter the MOD function in a blank cell:


MOD Function

Now continue the formula with the MOD arguments:


at this place you need to write the first number that you had plan to divide.

 Now mention the cell that contains the first number:


MOD Function


Now mention the divisor at this point

Also, you need to mention the cell that contains the second number:

=MOD(A2, B2)

MOD Function
Now drag the MOD formula all the way down using the left mouse button to do the same for the remaining cells of the sheet.