Microsoft Office Insider Program

“You must be wondering what is it? Why is it needed?”

Microsoft Offers Insider program for all office 365 subscribers to get to know beta updates and features which is available before releases. You will be the first to get new beta awesome updates in your office application whether its word, excel, powerpoint, etc.

Here are some bullet points why you should be opting for it;

  1. Try new features before releases.
  2. Test New features and gives feedback.
  3. New Formulas, Functions to make your work life easier.
  4. Your feedback will be heard in the Microsoft community.
  5. Get to know first what’s NEW happening in your favorite office application.

Ok, I got it! But how to activate it?

Requirements to be office insider;

  • You must have a valid office 365 subscription.
  • Connected to the Internet.
  • Few Mouse clicks 😉

BOOOOOOM! Yes that’s all it takes

Now, let’s Get Started!

Step1. Open Excel > Click On Accounts

Office Insider

STEP2. Click on Office Insider Option

Office Insider

STEP3. Click On Join Office Insider

Office Insider

STEP4. Select Your Insider Level

Here there are two different types of options are available;

Office Insider
  • Monthly Channel – This option will release updates once or twice per month or periodically targeted by Microsoft.
  • Insider – It will release whatever Microsoft is building, updating or releasing stuff inside Microsoft excel (Recommended)

In my case, the second option is suitable for me because i do work daily on Microsoft and always in search of new features and updates of excel which will make my life easier and smarter.

Therefore I choose “Insider” and click on checkboxes and click Ok;

Office Insider

STEP5. Update Your EXCEL

Now after you enroll the insider program, you have to update your office application in order to enjoy new features and updates instantly.

Office Insider

Your application will start downloading required insider update;

Office Insider

That’s all Folks!

Now you can restart your application and enjoy new excel formulas, functions, etc.

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