Have you ever wanted to lock a couple of cells rather than the whole sheet in your Excel worksheet? Locking an entire Excel sheet is different thing than locking separate cells.

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Here is the explanation:

All of the cells are locked by default, but you need to protect the excel worksheet so that locked cells should have effect. 

Here we first need to unlock all the cells

After that, we need to select that single target cell and then lock it

At last, we need to protect the worksheet so that our target cell will get locked

 Steps are explained below to know how to lock the cells:

STEP1: Locking Cells

Firstly, you need to click the upper left corner to select all of the cells:

Lock Cells in Excel

Now, select the format option just by clicking right in any cell.

Lock Cells in Excel

Make sure that Locked option is unticked so that your entire sheet is unlock, Then Click OK

Lock Cells in Excel

Now select the format cells by right-clicking on your target cell.

This time make sure to tick the Locked option so that your target cell get lock then Click OK.

Lock Cells in Excel

STEP2: Protect Your Spreadsheet

Now you need to protect your Excel spreadsheet to see that whether lock is working or not.

So, for checking that you must right-click on the Worksheet Name and select Protect Sheet.

Lock Cells in Excel
Here you will need to type in a password and Click OK after that. To show you in my example, I typed in excel as the password to lock this.

Now if you will try to edit the target cell, Excel will not be allowing you to do that but if you try to edit the other cells it will work fine.

Lock Cells in Excel