LEN Formula comes handy when you need to get the length of text. Sometimes you boss wanted to know the length of the text of some serial codes, names, etc. Then you may count each and every word as a traditional method.

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What if I tell you that there’s LEN Formula in excel which works like magic in a matter of few inputs? Sounds exciting right?

Let’s get started then!

We have the following weird-looking serial code sheet which we will use to get the length of text.

LEN Formula

STEP1: Working With LEN Function

Enter the LEN function next to the SERIAL column to determine the length of the text.


LEN Formula

Now we will add the ‘text’ value of A2 as follows;


LEN Formula

Now we will get the length of the particular serial code.

STEP2: Apply to All

Now, we will apply to all serial code values to just by dragging cell to bottom.

LEN Formula