If you are having lots of historical stock data closing prices and now you need to visualise how it is going? But don’t know how to do this then you are at right place here I’ll tell you how to do this by using stock line chart in Excel. 

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Insert Stock Line Chart In Excel

Here is the given data source that I’m going to use to create the Stock Line Chart in my Excel to show you as an example:

Insert Stock Line Chart

To create this stock line chart, you will need 2 data point:

  • The Date and,
  • Sales.

To do this in your Excel follow these given steps, you will get how easy it is to insert a Stock Line Chart.

STEP1: Highlight Your Data

Firstly, you need to highlight your data of stock prices like this:

Insert Stock Line Chart

STEP2: Insert Stock Line Chart

After highlighting them follow this:
Go to Insert > Charts > Line

Insert Stock Line Chart

Here you will have a chart like this;

Insert Stock Line Chart

STEP3: Design Your Stock Line Chart

Now you will need to select the preferred design to make your chart more presentable by following this:

Click on your Chart > Go to Chart Design > Select Your Design

Insert Stock Line Chart
There you get the Stock Line Chart in your own Excel.