If you want to find out the Nth root of a number in excel, it’s easy to find out through the help of POWER Function🤔. Generally, this is required to do the fast math🤓!

So, let’s begin with an example:

nth root of number

As you can see in the image above, we have Number, the value of N and we need to find out the Nth Root.

nth root of number

Step 1: Input the formula =POWER(

The first thing that we will do is input the POWER Function which is as follows:

Step 2: Input the required values in the formula

The following formula requires number as well as the power.

nth root of number

As the number is already in hand, we will be selecting the same. In the above example, the Number is 1000 i.e. cell B3.

nth root of number

After inputting the number, we need to input the power. For the same, we will be dividing 1 by the N in hand, which becomes 1/C3 (or 1/3 as per the example above).

Step 3: Cross- check the formula and proceed

Then we will close the POWER Function, by this our overall formula will be as follows:


nth root of number

Now all we have to do is press enter and BAAAAMMM😎!!! The answer is 10. The Nth root of number 1000 and N value 3 is 10.

Now, simply drag down the formula till it’s required.

nth root of number

So, it’s easy, isn’t it😉?