FILTER Formula

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Use of this formula: It helps to filter a table array based on the filtering of the given condition

Address Formula breakdown:

=FILTER(array, include, [if_empty])


=FILTER(data to be filtered, the filtering condition, [value to display if nothing gets matched])

If you don’t know that you can now filter your table data with an Excel Formula then don’t worry it is possible with the FILTER Formula. It is a new formula which was introduced in Office 365 that has been released in 2018.

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STEP 1: firstly you have to enter the FILTER function in a blank cell of your table e.g.


FILTER Formula

STEP 2: now continue with the FILTER arguments.


write the data you need to be filtered at the place of array.

So select the cells containing the tax data, do not include the headers like this:


FILTER Formula


Now write your filtering condition.

I want to filter the tax SLABS that is greater than the specified rate so here I have to type in the condition as the tax SLABS column > the specific tax SLABS.


FILTER Formula


Here write the value that needs to display in case nothing gets matched so for this just place an empty string to be displayed.

=FILTER( A2:B6,B2:B6>E1, “”)

FILTER Formula

 Now do it with different values and see it get filtered.

NOTE: Number given below is in decimals that means % has been converted to whole numbers.

FILTER Formula