Scatter Charts in Excel could be used for fun in free time. you can learn extra things of Microsoft Excel. You just need to draw lines, and create logo with an Excel Scatter Chart:

Logo in Excel

It is very easy to do you just need a little trial and error to specifying the X and Y coordination to create the logo. 

Below are the steps given below to know how easy it is to insert a Scatter Chart by using Excel.

STEP1 Note Down X n Y Coordinates

Firstly, you should hand draw your logo by using a blank graph paper that has X & Y units per grid line equalling 2.

You can download or print Graph Paper here.

Now do a little trial and after some error, while changing the X and Y values, you will get your logo.

Note down the coordinates and enter into your work sheet like below;

Logo in Excel

STEP2: Insert Scatter Chart

Highlight your table and do this:

Go to Insert > Recommended Charts

Logo in Excel

After that follow this:

Select All Charts > X Y (Scatter) > Scatter with Straight Lines > OK

Logo in Excel

While this makes sure that straight lines are drawn to connect the dots.

There you have your Scatter Chart – Logo!

Logo in Excel