Distribute and Align Shapes in Excel

If you have a lot of shapes all over in your Excel file and you need to organize them, but it will be hectic to move them one by one because it may consume so much time and need patience.  No problem I got you even I don’t like to do this but thanks to Excel, it will allow you to distribute and align the shapes. 

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This will be the initial layout of shapes in my Excel:

Distribute and Align Shapes

Here I have mentioned all the steps to follow to distribute and align the shapes in your Excel:

STEP1: Select All Shapes

First, you need to select all the shapes you need to move while holding the CTRL key

Distribute and Align Shapes

STEP2: Alignment

After that follow this:

Go to Shape Format > Arrange > Align > Align Bottom

Distribute and Align Shapes
Now you can easily align the shapes to the direction (i.e. Left, Centre, Right, Top, Middle, Bottom) whichever you want. 

TIP: You can distribute the shapes either Horizontally or Vertically whichever you like. It will help you to ensure that the distanced between the shapes are equally distributed.


For that, Go to Shape Format > Arrange > Align > Distribute Horizontally

Distribute and Align Shapes