Delete Steps until End in Power Query

If sometimes you also do work in hurry and thinking something else because of stress while creating multiple steps, suddenly you realized midway that you have written some of the steps incorrectly then don’t worry within 3 steps you can delete steps until the end in power query.

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Here are the steps to follow:  

STEP1. To edit an existing query that you need to modify follow this:

Go to Data > Queries & Connections

Delete Steps until End

STEP2. To open the Power Query Editor double clicks on your Query.

Delete Steps until End

STEP3. Here in my query, I’m going to remove all the steps so I have to delete step number 3

Delete Steps until End

Select ‘delete until end’ by right-clicking on step number 3.

Delete Steps until End

There you go after removing the step and your data is now restored.