To get the decimal part of the number, here’s what you can do:

You can use the help of TRUNC Function in Excel. Here’s an example for how to use it:

TRUNC Formula

As you can see, we have taken a bunch of numbers, now to get their decimal values, here’s what we do:

TRUNC Formula

We select the “number value” after starting a formula.

*Always remember to start a formula, all you have to is put an =

After the same, you put the TRUNC Function

Do not forget to put the “minus” sign between your number value and the TRUNC Function. Because only through that sign the decimal values will be separated from the number values. 

Basically, it’s like, “that’s how it works!”.

TRUNC Formula

The =TRUNC( Function requires number as well as number digits. 

All we have to is fill-in the number, i.e. again our “number value” C2.

TRUNC Formula

Now all we have to is press “enter” and BAMMM!

TRUNC Formula

As you can see, all the decimal values appear to your screen.

TRUNC Formula

It’s easy, isn’t it?

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