CountA Formula in Excel

As we did a similar formula of COUNTBLANK which let us know the number of cells which is blank, Similarily now we will use COUNTA Formula to find fields which are non-blank/empty,

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COUNTA Function;

=COUNTA(Value1, [value2],..)

Value 1 Indicates the value of the cell you wants to start with in order to find the non-blank fields in your worksheet.

Now, below is an example of a sheet which will be used in this tutorial;

CountA Formula in Excel

As you can see we have a number of fields which are blanked or some of them are non-blank.

Now let’s start the magic!

Step 1: Enter the COUNTA Formula function in blank field;

In order to do that, type;


CountA Formula in Excel

STEP 2: Now to fulfil the situation we will enter the arguments of COUNTA Formula;

In order to do that we need to enter values;

Value will be the number of non-blank fields/cell you want to check. In our case we need to check from A2 to B6, Therefore,


CountA Formula in Excel
Here we got the number of non-blank fields are 6

Therefore, 6 is the number of fields which are left non-blank or you can say non-empty.