Copy and Paste Queries across Excel Workbook using Power Query

In Office 365, Excel has a new set of a feature known as Get & Transform. It provides a platform to perform a series of steps to help you to transform your excel data.

There is one step which will help you to copy and paste an existing query from one workbook to another workbook.

Sometimes you just want to reuse an existing query because you don’t want to redo all the steps, but you don’t know how to do it so, this tutorial will be helpful for you. 

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NOTE 1: You can create random excel workbook online here for practice purposes as I did in this tutorial.

NOTE 2: If You use Microsoft Excel Prior to 2016 Version, then You Need to download Power Query Separately.

STEP 1: First, You need to insert Table in existing excel sheet.

Head over to Insert > Table > Click Ok


STEP 2: Now click on Data > From Table/Ranges > Save and close.


Step 3: Now in your workbook you have to RIGHT click on the table2 query and select the copy option.


STEP 4: Now go to workbook that does not have this query and you want it to be there and follow this procedure to continue:

Create a New Sheet or workbook > Click on “Insert from Table/Ranges” > Click Ok when the popup appears > Click on Get Data > Launch Query Editor > Save and Close > Click on Queries and Connection > Paste the Query you have copied there;


And… It’s Done!