There is no enjoyment in stock data analysis and when you are having a lot of historical stock data it does not remain an easy feat to enjoy. It becomes very hard to use technical analysis to visualise the trend but doesn’t worry Excel is having a lot of stock charts to make it easy for you. You can easily use the Candlestick Chart from Excel’s stock chart in this matter.

Previously In Excel ChartsHow to insert Stock Line Chart in Excel?

For the very first you will need a Date column which should be the first column of your Excel table after that you have to make columns for the Open, High, Low, Close that will be following the date column. Don’t change this pattern because this is the exact order that you will need to create a Candlestick Chart.  

Candlestick Chart in Excel

Here are the 4 steps in which it has shown that how easy it is to insert this using the Excel.

STEP1: Highlight Your Data

Firstly, you need to highlight your data on stock prices:

Candlestick Chart in Excel

STEP2: Insert Chart

Now follow this;

Go to Insert > Charts > Stock Charts > Open-High-Low-Close

Candlestick Chart in Excel

Choose Delete by right-clicking on your Legend as here you will not need this.

Candlestick Chart in Excel

STEP3: Design Your Chart

just after deleting that Go to Chart design to select the preferred design so that your chart can look more presentable!

Candlestick Chart in Excel

There you have your very own Candlestick Chart!

How to insert the Candlestick Chart in Excel? 1