There are a lot of ways to calculate the percentages in Excel; three ways are written below:

1. Percentage of a number

2. Percentage change of value (The percentage which increases or decreases)

3. Proportion against a total value

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Steps are mentioned below for each method of this tutorial:

STEP 1: firstly to know Percentage of a number

Simply just multiply that number with the given percentage together e.g.

Percentage x Number

=88% * 100

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STEP 2: Now to know the percentage change of value?’ (The percentage that increases or decreases)

In other words, we can say that change in value as a percentage to get this first check the difference of the new value and the old value and after that divide it by the old value e.g.

(New-Old) / Old

(180 – 90) / 90

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STEP 3: the third way to calculate the percentage the proportion against a total value

Simply divide the portion by the total amount to get the proportion against a total value like this:

Portion / Total


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STEP 4: finally in the last step fix the last two values which are not in the percentage format till the third step.

So to do that select those last two values and follow this:

Go to Home > Number > %

Calculate Percentages
Now all the percentage values are ready.