If we talk about the BETWEEN Formula then there is no such formula that exists to fulfil what exactly it says. But there are many formulas that help to perform what a user is expecting from a “BETWEEN Formula”.

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So, the formula that we will use is as follows:


This formula will assure you for whether a particular value is falling between the data entries or not. Basically, it will help you to cross-check your data. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin with the same.

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 1

As you can observe in the above, we have made a column and gave it the heading of “Numbers”. Under the same, we have written 15. 

Suppose you have a bunch of data entries and you want to cross-check for whether the inputted data entries are in the correct order or not. So, what you can do is, use the above formula and check whether the following digit comes between them or not.

Step1: Input the Formula

As we have mentioned the formula above, you can input the same in your sheet.

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 2

After inputting the formula, you can observe that the following asks for some requirement.

Before we move any further, you need to understand one thing that this is about BETWEEN Formula and not IF Formula, so the requirements that the formula is expecting on the screen is related to your IF formula.

Coming to the point, 

=IF[(logical test),

Logical test is basically the action we want to take.

Step2: Input the values in your formula

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 3


C4 is the cell of our lookup value.

Lookup value is basically the value we want to search between two data entries.

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 4

In the following image above, you can observe that we have written the following,


11 here, is one of the data entries from which we are making an analysis for whether 15 comes between the two data entries or not.

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 5

Then you need to again select the respected cell which contains your lookup value, which makes your formula as follows:


How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 6

Then with the help of less than sign, we will jot down another data entry.


After putting both the data entries correctly and using the correct sign, all you have to do is press “Enter” now. 

*Do not forget to insert coma after elaborating one data entry or else your formula would not provide the correct answer.

After pressing “Enter” you can observe the same:

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 7

The minute you press enter, your answer pops on the screen where you wrote your formula.

It says TRUE.

How to use BETWEEN Formula in Excel? 8

So basically, you can cross-check your data-entries in minutes. Either you can jot down the said entry or you can choose its respective cell, it’s your call on the same. 

It’s easy, isn’t it?