AVERAGE Formula in Excel

It helps you to find the average of a group of values in Excel.

Average Formula breakdown:

=AVERAGE(number1, number2…)

Explanation of breakdown:

=AVERAGE(the numbers you want to average)

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There will be so many situations when you stuck there to find the average of the values in your Excel worksheet and you would normally go for the way to SUM all the values and then divide it by the number of values as we have learned in math’s class of schools. 

Don’t you think so it is a long process as well as waste your time too? If you have felt that question while being agree with me then don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to apply average formula in Excel to do this easily with no wastage of time. 

Here for my example, I’ll use the table given below, it’s a table of values from which I want to get the average from to show you:


These are the steps to follow in your Excel to apply the Average Formula:

Working With AVERAGE Function

Firstly, you need to enter the AVERAGE function in a blank cell of your Excel sheet e.g.:



now you should continue with the AVERAGE arguments:


here at the place of “text” you need to mention “the numbers from which you need to get the average of

So, for that you need to select the range of values:



There you get the calculated average of your Sales number.