Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table

Everybody has faced challenges to constantly refresh the pivot table. sometimes even we forget that each time our data source is getting the update we also need to refresh the pivot table by manually so that it also gets updated and show the updated changes too.

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Now you must be wondering that is there any way by which you can refresh the pivot table automatically. Don’t worry I got you and here is the answer that yes! There is a way to automatically refresh the pivot table in Excel.

Here are the couple of ways to automatically refresh your Pivot Table.


This is a amazing feature in our Excel but many people don’t know about this, it will you to refresh your pivot table as soon as you will open your Excel workbook in your PC.

You can connect your pivot table with other workbook of your colleagues so that when they update their work and when you open it you will get the Pivot Table report on it. Steps are mentioned below to do this:

STEP 1: Choose Pivot Table Options by right Clicking in your Pivot Table e.g.

Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table

STEP 2:  Check the “Refresh data when opening the file” checkbox by selecting the Data tab and click OK.

Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table

Now after following those steps whenever you open your Excel workbook, you can be sure that your Pivot Table is already refresh. 


You must be aware with the external data thing that you can store your data in an external data source such as Website, Access, Azure Marketplace, SQL Server, etc. and you need to set linked your data in any of the external data source so that you can auto-refresh it every x minutes. Below are the steps mentioned to do this.

Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table

Select your source file > click on open > Load.

STEP 1: If have stored your data externally then firstly you will need to click in your Pivot Table and go to Properties option.

Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table
NOTE: you need an external data source then only this will be enabled for selection.

STEP 2: after the first step you will see the Query Properties, Click on it,

How to Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table in Excel? 1

and you will need to select the Refresh every check box from that and then manually set your ‘x’ time & click OK.

Automatically Refresh a Pivot Table