AND Formula in Excel

If you are wondering to ensure that some of your conditions are met then AND Formula will be really helpful for you in this situation. It will enforce and return to TRUE if all of your required conditions are met. 

How it will work for you: It will check that all of the conditions are satisfied or not.

Formula breakdown for AND formula:

=AND(logical1, [logical2], …)

The explanation for this:

=AND(first condition, [additional conditions], …)

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Let’s Take An Example; We will check if the date is in the month of July and sale is above 900 in the following;

STEP 1: firstly you have to enter the AND function in a blank cell.


AND Formula

STEP 2: Now continue with the AND arguments.


In the place of logical1 fill the first condition that you need to check. 

See here I have created my first condition to get the month of the date and check if it is July e.g.


AND Formula


In the place of logical2 fill the second condition that you need to check.

See here I have created the condition; if sales are greater than 900 E.g.

=AND(MONTH(A2)=7, B2 > 900)

AND Formula

By dragging the lower right corner downwards; apply the same formula to the remaining cells.

AND Formula

Here you go with your results!