Addition Formula in Excel

Basically, it will help you to Adds two numbers in your Excel sheet. 

Addition Formula breakdown:

=number1 + number2


=the number being added to + the number being added

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If you don’t know how to add numbers together then don’t worry I’ll tell you the procedure to do this in your Excel sheet, in Excel it is very easy to do with the Addition Formula which uses the addition operator: +

This will be the sample table of values that I’ll use to perform addition here to show you as an example:

Addition Formula

Here are the steps which explain how you can apply Addition Formula:

Working With ADDITION Function

Firstly, you need to enter the number, here you want to add:


Addition Formula

Now continue by entering the addition operator +

=A2 +

Addition Formula

At last to complete the formula by entering the number to add:

=A2 + B2

Addition Formula

By dragging the lower right corner downwards of your Excel sheet, apply the same formula to the remaining cells of the sheet.  There you go with the addition results!

Addition Formula