Today We Will Discuss By Using Power Query Add A Row Index to A Loaded Query

What is Power Query?

Power Query is a data connection technology. Power Query has been renamed and in excel 2016 it is now on the data tab of the ribbon in the get and transforms section. Let us perform a series of steps to transform the excel data. 

How To Add A Row Index to A Loaded Query 1

If you have forgotten to add a row index and still it exists which you have created, then you can still add it to a loaded query with the help of power query. With this, you don’t have to modify the original query. You can directly add a new row index.

NOTE 1: You can create random excel workbook online here for practice purposes as I did in this tutorial.

NOTE 2: If You use Microsoft Excel Prior to 2016 Version, then You Need to download Power Query Separately.

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Following are the steps to follow:

STEP1: First you should open the workbook with your existing query, then under “Data” Tab;

Click “From Table/Range” > Click “OK” on popup option

How To Add A Row Index to A Loaded Query 2

STEP 2: Now Power Query window is open in front of you, click on Add Column > Click On Index Column Dropdown Icon > Select “Start from 0/1” ;

Create Row Index Column
Now Row Index Will be added

STEP 3: Now Row Index has been added, We can now move it to the beginning row by right click on index column > Mouse hover to Move option > Select “To the Beginning” Option;

How To Add A Row Index to A Loaded Query 3

Now you have your Index Row added in your messy sheet using Power Query Option.