Add Leading Zeros in Excel

Are you wondering how to uniform an uneven number of digits in your excel? The process of going it one-by-one will be hard if you have a long list of numbers of the respective field, isn’t it?

What if I tell you with one simple formula you can transform an uneven list of numbers to the uniform by adding leading zeros to them with one simple click using TEXT Formula.

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Here is an example of an uneven list we are going to use in this blog;

Add Leading Zeros

STEP 1: Add TEXT Formula in Blank cell (B2 in our case)


Add Leading Zeros

STEP 2: Add arguments to the TEXT function

Value:– The value of a cell you want to add zeros to make it uniform.

In our case, it is; =TEXT(A2,

Add Leading Zeros

Format_text:- Number of zeros you need to make it uniform.

In our case its: =TEXT(A2,"000000")

Add Leading Zeros

Now, we have transformed the first uneven number to uniform;

Add Leading Zeros

Now, we will drag it to the last to make the whole list uniform;

Add Leading Zeros