In this space, we will learn to how to return absolute value of particular number or value with signs or symbols like -1,-2,-3, or in our sheet we have some value of losses incurred in particular quarters of that year.

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Here we have a sheet which has losses incurred in 4 quarters of the year;

ABS Formula

Now, we will calculate the absolute value of those loses in a single click by using ABS Formula which is described below;

STEP1: Working With ABS Formula

In ABS Value section in worksheet we will start working with ABS Function by putting


ABS Formula

=ABS(number = It implies the cell value of whom you want to get absolute value)

In our Sheet its A2, Therefore,


ABS Formula

Now we will get the absolute value of -2948391 which is 2948391.

Therefore, by dragging that cell to C5, we will get the result of all losses value as follow;

ABS Formula

It’s so easy, isn’t it? 😊